Exclusive Artist: Rhonda Vincent

New Single - The City of New Orleans

New Music from the Queen of Bluegrass - Rhonda Vincent!  City of New Orleans — specially crafted with her blazing band “The Rage” and customized for her incredible vocal prowess. Rhonda Vincent introduces what could be a new song to the ears of the most recent generation of music listeners.  

“After sending the song “City of New Orleans” to a few friends and colleagues, I was astonished to hear they were not aware of the song” Rhonda shared. “I was doubly surprised when even other generations who had heard the song before, did not know it was about a train.” “This is so exciting to bring what appears to be a brand new song for many, and I love sharing a new arrangement for those familiar with the song.” 

“City of New Orleans” features current band members, including new member on fiddle, Adam Haynes; 2 year member Zack Arnold on guitar; 3 year member Jeff Partin, dobro; 13 year member Aaron McDaris on banjo, and 21 year member on bass, Mickey Harris.  

“I feel it’s important to be able to recreate what we produce in the studio on the stage,” Rhonda states. “I think people expect to hear a similar emulation of what we have recorded, and make it translate on our show.” “That is easy to do when it’s the same musicians,” Rhonda says. “I travel with award winning musicians, who are not only incredible musicians, but great people.” “I am so honored to work and travel with these amazing men.”  

“City of New Orleans” is the first single and video from an upcoming project release. Rhonda Vincent & The Rage continue their work, in between a very busy touring schedule. The theme of the project is “destinations;” an idea born from a song contribution to the album from Grand Ole Opry Star “Jeannie Seely.”  

The video is a playful view of musical characters in the midst of a model train set, with band members shrunk down to model size; all while Rhonda and real life grandson Titus interact as the cities come to life.  

Rhonda is anxious to share the new song written by Jeannie, along with some very unexpected cuts, she never dreamed she would record, but fit into this unusual album idea. 

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